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"Everyone has things they blog about. Everyone has things they don't blog about. Challenge me out of my comfort zone by telling me something I don't blog about, but you'd like to hear about, and I'll write a post about it. Ask about anything: latest movie watched, last book read, political leanings, if there's anything you've ever wondered or been curious about or meant to ask me, etc. Re-post this in your own journal so that we can all learn more about each other."
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i really wish i was in a position to take half a day off sick or something.  i need some time to just *be*.....  maybe after they finally get this 6 week review (that's been put off yet again) over and done with then i can safely take an early half a sick day.  early meaning before the three months of probation is off.
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why are we not allowed at least one do-over in our lives?  granted at this point i'm looking for something akin to a "whole life do-over" so maybe I'd need to collect some credits or something to acheive that...  things are not good in my brain today.
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As there is currently a strike which effects both Toronto city run day care centres and the upcoming Summer Camps, I would like to take a moment offer my services as a babysitter.  I have Natasha as a child reference, she's nearly 12, well behaved and very bright--and she says I'm fun, but I have rules and she likes that. I can also provide adult references if needed. I am open to things like spelling off parents for a few hours a week, or all day.  We can stay at your place, or do little trips to the park, etc...too bad the splash pads won't be open. :(

If you need someone to watch the kids let me know!!  Reasonable Rates!
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As I continue to pear down the things that I keep bringing from place to place and never using, I have come to realize that my violin is a better paper weight then an instrument to me.

My parents bought me my violin, something I'd always wanted, for my 18th birthday.  When I moved out a few months later they told me that though they had promised to get me lessons, that promise was only good so long as I still lived at home.  I have never taken lessons and can not play more then a note on the damn thing with the bow.  I can play the stings by ear, but for all I know, the bridge isn't set up right and everything's all off.

If you need a violin, want a violin, could use a violin and are alight with the fact that 12 years ago this violin cost $100 from a store in Chatham, ON this could be yours.  Write me about why you want this to be your violin....  Comments screened.

Oh btw, violin is full sized, comes with a hard case and a (crappy) bow.  I bought new strings for it about 6 years ago and all the strings also have fine-tuners on them for minor tuning adjustments.
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A dear friend of mine is participating in the upcoming Ride to Conquer Cancer--Biking from Toronto, On to Niagara Falls On.  Recently he moved, and when he did, he found these Lip Service clothes that he never wears anymore.  He gave them to me to do with as I would and well, I decided the best thing to do with them is to sell them off to the highest bidder in 48 hours and donate the money to his pledge drive.

Both items are in as new condition, without tags.  They are older Lip Service items, however the jacket similar to one found in the more recent Hollywood Geisha line.  The advantage to older, as new Lippy is that it's less likely to be seen on anyone else!

This is a men's jacket, Size Small.  Former owner was about 5'8" and of slender build and it was a bit big on him, though it still looked good.

A close-up of the fabric of the jacket, as well as the closure system.  This is the sleeve cuff, however these closures are what is used all down the front of the jacket as well.

Skirt is a heavier brocade with a front box-type pleat near from about the knee down.  Easy to dance in.  Has jeans style four-pocket design with belt loops and zipper fly.  Listed as Size 30 waist.

The two items are not part of the same line, but they look great together as an outfit.

Let the bidding begin!!

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This past Friday, November 2nd, was my birthday.  The day started out crap-tastic (literally--the bath brush fell in the tub in which the iguana had relieved herself in).  Work was annoying and the boss decided I was to be the first to *not* get the regular office birthday gift 'cause he's trying to cut corners on the budget to save $$ since most of our money's made in US dollars and we're loosing on the conversion.

Things did start to pick up though towards the afternoon and evening...  I received a lot of lovely messages on Facebook and LJ and email and all that stuff, sending birthday wishes and the like.  A good show of people showed up at Neu+ral to dance 'till the wee hours with me as well.  Sean came out at my request, despite his aching back and I think the magic of beer worked wonders on it in the end, though I could be wrong.   I had a few drinks by not so many that I was off my ass and I was find the next morning, though very tired (it was a really grueling week).  I thank all those who made it out to Neu+ral, thank-you, you really helped make my night, and push the crappy day that was out of my mind.

Saturday was a lazy day at first, then really fast as we lost track of time and had to haul ass to get a few things done, then run up to the CN Tower for dinner.  I'd never been to the tower before, so Sean decided to treat me to dinner at the 360 (revolving restaurant)and a trip to the observation area and glass floor as a birthday gift.  I almost burst into tears over the menu and the idea that I was able to choose *anything and everything* I wanted from it without worry.  The meal was good, the view was spectacular, and the company was superb.  Thank-you sweetheart for taking me places I've never gone before. ;) 

Sunday was the video game convention at the Ex.  Nat managed to score tickets for Herself, Sean and I.  We ate tons of free cotton candy, watched people game, learned about funky new technology, marveled at a car that seems to have been designed with fucking women on the hood in mind.  Dinner was eaten with the added company of Natasha.  Nat headed home and Sean, Natasha and I enjoyed hot cocoa and watched the original "Little Shop of Horrors" movie.

There's lots of other little awesome moments I could add in here, but I think they are more fun to keep between Sean and myself.  ;)

I had a fantastic birthday weekend, one that will not soon fade from memory and I thank all those who were involved.  All of you made it special, especially Sean--thank-you so much sweetie! I'm a lucky girl to have you.
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.....  A large slab of humanly collected (well as humainly as possible) bees wax?  Its really pure, really nice melting and its free.  The slab, before it fell off the table and broke, was the size of one of those huge rectangular margarine tubs.  It's now two slabs that add up to that size.  My uncle is a bee keeper and this comes from his hives down in the Chatham area, I believe it's from clover honey if that makes any difference.

You wants, you gots, just let me know ok?i
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I'll find a teenager I trust or something and then I won't have to do this:

Anyone feel like sitting on Natasha this Friday night?  She's well behaved, cute and comes with distractions if need be.  She is available for sleep over or you can watch her at my my place, a small dog, hamster, iguana and a bunch of fish come with the deal...though only the dog will expect you to interact.

Please apply below.


Jan. 6th, 2007 06:01 pm
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We went to the Motorcycle Show at the International Centre today.  I managed to find a JoeRocket women's jacket and a pair of boots with ankle armour for $150 plus tax!! The only gear missing from my collection now is a pair of pants, which is pretty good considering I had *nothing* a few months ago.  I have enough to ride comfortably this summer which is great!  Now if only I could managed to save up enough to get a license and a bike....

The icon, btw, is my mom on her old BSA motorcycle.  She's since sold it, but she's in the market for a newer BMW, something with suspension so it doesn't hurt her neck and back when she rides like the BSA did.  Bike with no shocks + Spinal injury + long rides = inability to walk for two days afterwards.  :)  I got a motorcycle-momma.  *grin*

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I just took an emergency banana with me on a fire drill.  I guess I was worried I'd needed my potassium kick in the middle of that mess.
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I will be deleting my Myspace and my LJ accounts in the very near future. At one point I gave up all electronic equiptment save my alarmclock and my stereo and a few odd kitchen appliances without digital timers...I think I'm pretty close to that point again. I'm tired of living a digital life. I'm tired of having things I said years ago in a digital journal dragged up and brought into present as though it was yesterday and used as fodder in a fight. And most of all, I'm tired of having people chide and talk to me like I'm not a grown woman who takes care of a household and has for over Nine years. I *was* a kid then, I'm not now. I deserve some respect. Not everyone here is like this, but some are...Just like not everyone delves into my past to find the most rotten shit and compairs current situations to it claiming there's evidence of a cycle. These are my things to do, my things to look at and my things to realize. I don't need my nose rubbed in them, or to have to walk around with shit stains on my face.

As you can probably tell, I feel like complete ass today. No one needs to know why, no one needs to know what happened or what's going on. All you need to know is I'm currently miserable and until the situation resolves itself, I don't see this changing.
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Fruitloops are VEGAN!  (Or so claims PETA, I'm not so good at recognizing fancy names for animal biproducts).

Yummy junk cereal breakfast for me!!


Sep. 13th, 2006 11:28 pm
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Over twenty years after being introduced to it, I can finally say that Melba Toast tastes good--on it's own, alone, with out tons of toppings that completely hide it's true flavour.
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Anyone with kids or an inner child will love the phenominon that's going on today and probably over the next few--Its the annual Monarch Butterfly Migration!!  I noticed them heading West on King late this morning, they are headed down to Point Peele National Park, the most southern part of Canada, they will hop across the lakes there and continue down to South America.  

Tons of pretty orange and black butterflies....

You should see them at the National Park, all the trees coated in butterflies, truly a phenominon I'm pleased to say I have experienced more then once having gown up in it's immediate vacinity.
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I know how much Fritz hates wearing his boots and stuff, so the idea of putting him in THIS made me laugh so hard I almost wet my chair.
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If a product is to be used on animals, say a dog shampoo, would it not have to then be tested on animals?  Granted, human trials could be done first...  How about a medication?  How do you know the appropriate dosage for this size dog or that?  What do you guys think?
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Some of you may recall an article written recently in the papers regarding the matriarch of the elephant clan at the Metro Toronto Zoo being euthenized.  Her passing actually occured the DAY AFTER I visited the zoo with my daughter.  Anyhow, I was browsing through the animal literature on the TorontoHumaneSociety website and foud this, very well written article.  Please take some time and check out the site as well, it's got some great reads, good information and tons of little critters to help fill your heart with love.

And anyone who wonders about the quality of animals you can get from the THS, Fritz came from there, and there never was a more perfect dog.  Anything that's "wrong" with him is either my fault, or you just don't like dogs who act like dogs.  Nuff said.


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