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This past Friday, November 2nd, was my birthday.  The day started out crap-tastic (literally--the bath brush fell in the tub in which the iguana had relieved herself in).  Work was annoying and the boss decided I was to be the first to *not* get the regular office birthday gift 'cause he's trying to cut corners on the budget to save $$ since most of our money's made in US dollars and we're loosing on the conversion.

Things did start to pick up though towards the afternoon and evening...  I received a lot of lovely messages on Facebook and LJ and email and all that stuff, sending birthday wishes and the like.  A good show of people showed up at Neu+ral to dance 'till the wee hours with me as well.  Sean came out at my request, despite his aching back and I think the magic of beer worked wonders on it in the end, though I could be wrong.   I had a few drinks by not so many that I was off my ass and I was find the next morning, though very tired (it was a really grueling week).  I thank all those who made it out to Neu+ral, thank-you, you really helped make my night, and push the crappy day that was out of my mind.

Saturday was a lazy day at first, then really fast as we lost track of time and had to haul ass to get a few things done, then run up to the CN Tower for dinner.  I'd never been to the tower before, so Sean decided to treat me to dinner at the 360 (revolving restaurant)and a trip to the observation area and glass floor as a birthday gift.  I almost burst into tears over the menu and the idea that I was able to choose *anything and everything* I wanted from it without worry.  The meal was good, the view was spectacular, and the company was superb.  Thank-you sweetheart for taking me places I've never gone before. ;) 

Sunday was the video game convention at the Ex.  Nat managed to score tickets for Herself, Sean and I.  We ate tons of free cotton candy, watched people game, learned about funky new technology, marveled at a car that seems to have been designed with fucking women on the hood in mind.  Dinner was eaten with the added company of Natasha.  Nat headed home and Sean, Natasha and I enjoyed hot cocoa and watched the original "Little Shop of Horrors" movie.

There's lots of other little awesome moments I could add in here, but I think they are more fun to keep between Sean and myself.  ;)

I had a fantastic birthday weekend, one that will not soon fade from memory and I thank all those who were involved.  All of you made it special, especially Sean--thank-you so much sweetie! I'm a lucky girl to have you.


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