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The smell of cloves in clubs.  It's just not the same without them.....

Am I old?

To Do List:

Aug. 4th, 2006 10:52 pm
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1) clean lizard  habitats
2) feed lizards
3) change large water pan in Darth's enclosure

4) clean hamster cage
5) test out hamster with a few added features to cage
6) buy new litter for hamster cage (used the last of the bag today)
7) fresh food and water for hamster

8) scrub algae off walls of fish tank
9) 1/3 water change, check filter cartridge

10) gather up and inspect dog's toys
11) clean dirty toys, toss those not in good repair
12) go over the whole toys putting away thing with the dog *again*
       (one day I WILL teach him not just how to get them out of the box, but also how to put them away   
        when he's done!

13) wash dog's bowls,
14) clean out dog crate
15) wash dog linnens--and any stray underwear he's squirrled away in his crate

This is my general TO DO list for the begining of every weekend.  This is not to say there isn't general maintenance to all these things during the course of the week, but the big cleanings happen on the weekends, when I've got a bit more time.  After all this stuff is done, then the housework starts...  Since I'm going away this weekend, these things are done tonight, and the rest, well it waits for me to get back.

16) pack dog's stuff -- crate and bedding
                                     -- food, water, dishes 
                                     -- harness, leashes
                                     -- toys
                                     -- treats
                                     -- doggy sling
                                     -- cool wrap for neck
                                     -- travel water dish and bottle
17) pack my stuff -- clothes
                                 -- baithing suit
                                 -- toiletries
                                 --  shoes and coat and hat
                                 -- toothbrush and paste
                                 --makeup, comb and brush
                                 -- pjs
                                 -- etc....

18) haul all this shit to the car...and GO!
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I'm sorry I split earlier guys, but I just had to go.  I had a great day.  Tomorrow is my ultrasound--the begining of the follow-up testing rounds.  I'm not looking forward to it and the fact that what the results of these tests might bring could bring about an ultimate change in my reality within the next short while is something I'm really not looking forward to.

Good night.

I suck...

Jul. 9th, 2006 12:26 pm
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I'm sorry, I suck...I know I was supposed to do things, but I'm going to run away for the day--I have to get away.  I will get ahold of people when I get back.

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i just talked to jaysin and i haven' talked to jayin in fucking two-and-a-half years!!  well save an akward five minutes last year and i totally forgot about the fact that i was talking to him while i was standing there on the phone fucking nekkid as a jaybird...hahahahahah dude! I miss my best friends!!   
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I want to write about some stuff to do with girls, women, womyn, chicks, people who bleed monthly, whatever you want to call the gender most would classify me as at first glance.  Anyone want on a filter that would have to do with female reporductive issues, or just how annoying oddly placed body hair is, let me know and I'll add you--and of course I understand if i'm only talking to myself.  *grin*
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You are Colossus

He eats children. He burns villages. And as if running into a giant
Russian the size of your house wasn't scary enough, this one can turn
his body into an indestructable organic metal when he gets pissed! Way
to be!
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For no particular reason at all, today feels like a good day.

Good Luck to little Miss. Trash as she participates in the 4x100m relay today at Centenial Park.  She's running in one of my old events (so cool) and I just know she's going to do great.  

Everything will work itself out, given enough time--it hasn't yet, but it's getting there.
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My stupid dog ate a bee. A big, dead bumble bee. Somehow, he managed to get the stinger lodged in his throat. My stupid dog has spent the whole night making gagging noises and he puked up his dinner. He is find now, apparently having disslodged the stinger in one of the pile of foam. Yuck, yuck, yuck. I didn't call the vet simply because, if someone can run around and play with his tail wagging, there's not really anything wrong with them but a tickle in their throat.
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new job goes good.
i am tired.
the end.
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I have a thousand little things I should be doing now...

But here I am, just sitting around drinking my cup of fake coffee and blissing out. I'm relaxed and I'm enjoying it. I'll have to go to bed soon though. *pooh*
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I just put on this shirt that's basically a square of fabric with some elastics in the back holding it over my chest. *grin* Yes, it's small, yes it's skimpy, I bought it just for Sean. Anyway, so I show it to Natasha and she says to me--all scornfull and almost yelling--"You're going wear that in PUBLIC? Do you think it's Caribana??"

I love my kid.


Apr. 19th, 2006 07:45 pm
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There's one thing on this that I think may actually be ture...can you guess which one?

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Wants to be dominated by you...ambrozia
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This Fun Quiz created by Georgie at BlogQuiz.Net
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Warning: This post contains corse language, some material that may be seen as agist, racist, sizist, intollerant of alcoholics, pan handelers and the like. Please be sure to understand that due to the circumstances, my initial verbal responces may be a litte--off? for me? I'm normally a very accepting and tollerant individual.

I noticed ealier this week that some how, some way the weight-challenged Native Canadian who seemingly resides at Queen and Brock on the sidewalk, but actually has an apartment in some of the not-as-upscale places near Elm Grove and Queen had aquired a scooter, the kind that age-challenged or mobility challenged people tend to use to get around. This man, though he may have some problems I am not aware of, seems to be physically capable though prone to a weakness for "the drink." I have whitnessed him walking, dancing, getting up off of and down onto the sidewalk with seemingly little effort for a man his age and size. On more then one occasion, this man has riden by me (and not suprisingly, almost over me) on a bicycle. I do not understand where this man--let alone why this man--ended up with a scooter, but there is one thing that disturbs me more then his aquireing this device.....

(Warning, this is where the crass language begins.)

Thedrunkenfatfuckingindianranovermydogwithhisgoddamnscooter!!! The DRUNKEN FAT FUCKING INDIAN DROVE OVER MY LITTLE TINY DOG WITH HIS GOD DAMNED SCOOTER--AND THEN ONLY STOPPED BECAUSE IT RAN INTO *MY* LEGS!! Had he been over a foot or two, he would have run into my daughter, sending her out into traffic, another few feet, he would have hit Mr.Sharkey, who happened to be there, and well, I think his scooter would be toast... I will admit, I am really glad he didn't hit Natasha, but he fucking rand over my dog!! Fritz is ok, but he's got a cut on his bad leg and he's not walking on it quite right (just sorta soft footed).

(For those who I haven't told a million times, Fritz came to me with to surgically repaired front legs, one is nice and true, the other, repaired after three painful days of him hobbling around on it--is crooked and weak. Yay old owners! You suck, go to Hell.)

The good thing is I have an appointment booked for Friday to take my little boy in to have his heartworm screaning and get his flea stuff for the year, so if anything weird happens between now and then, I can have it checked out at that time.
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Here are the shoes I managed to find at Planet Aid today for $20. They are a little worn looking and someone thought it was a good idea to cut the heel strap off, but I improvised. Granted, they are an inch taller in the heel then my tallest shoes and an inch shorter from front to back so the angle of the foot/ankle is rather drastic compared to what I'm used to. Somehow I'm sure I'll learn to manage walking and maybe even dancing in them though--I mean someone else did so why can't I?

Did I mention I used Natasha's crappy digital? Sorry, poor quality, but it was a great find and I couldn't help but post it.


Apr. 18th, 2006 09:59 pm
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Why must this machine not allow for LJ cuts? For some reason I *cannot* hide anything behind a cut no matter how many times I code it to. *headesk*
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Two wonderful things that happened today:

1)I noticed that not only did my mini rose make it through the winter on the balcony, but my Mum plant did too! Natasha's watering them for me as we speak (since I'm still not allowed to carry the big watering can) and I'm going to go and trim off the dead bits in a few moments.

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Only Sean, possibly Natasha, and my sister if she ever reads this will understand the true relivance of this quiz result:

ash pixie will have to write:

I will not eat any more past dated food

'What will you have to write on the chalk board?' at
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"mmMMmmMmMmmm....My boyfriend smells like my old ball glove..."

This thought brought to you buy a nice sunny day and my wonderful Sir's lovely new set of riding leathers for motorcycle fun. Black and silver Dianise leathers....oh yeah, and the motorcycle, no one can forget that.
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I *must* resist the urge to put my garden out. I have a decent sized balcony on the eighth floor facing south. It would be a little warmer and less windy if I didn't live on the corner of the building, but I wouldn't trade the view that not having that extra wall gives me of downtown--especially during sunset.

I want to get all the pots out and put them on the hangers, I want to start all the indoor seeds in the little greenhouses I have, I want to get some coffee grounds from the local watering holes and work it into the box soil and get things growing. I can't. I'm not allowed to fucking lift or even start things off by scrubbing the winter grime off the balcony. FUcking Stupid Apendix!!!!

ON the bright side, my mini-rose made it through the winter, it's got little green leaves on it and it's growing !!! WEEEE!! I was afraid she wouldn't make it, but she has and now I'm very happy.


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