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As I continue to pear down the things that I keep bringing from place to place and never using, I have come to realize that my violin is a better paper weight then an instrument to me.

My parents bought me my violin, something I'd always wanted, for my 18th birthday.  When I moved out a few months later they told me that though they had promised to get me lessons, that promise was only good so long as I still lived at home.  I have never taken lessons and can not play more then a note on the damn thing with the bow.  I can play the stings by ear, but for all I know, the bridge isn't set up right and everything's all off.

If you need a violin, want a violin, could use a violin and are alight with the fact that 12 years ago this violin cost $100 from a store in Chatham, ON this could be yours.  Write me about why you want this to be your violin....  Comments screened.

Oh btw, violin is full sized, comes with a hard case and a (crappy) bow.  I bought new strings for it about 6 years ago and all the strings also have fine-tuners on them for minor tuning adjustments.
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