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A dear friend of mine is participating in the upcoming Ride to Conquer Cancer--Biking from Toronto, On to Niagara Falls On.  Recently he moved, and when he did, he found these Lip Service clothes that he never wears anymore.  He gave them to me to do with as I would and well, I decided the best thing to do with them is to sell them off to the highest bidder in 48 hours and donate the money to his pledge drive.

Both items are in as new condition, without tags.  They are older Lip Service items, however the jacket similar to one found in the more recent Hollywood Geisha line.  The advantage to older, as new Lippy is that it's less likely to be seen on anyone else!

This is a men's jacket, Size Small.  Former owner was about 5'8" and of slender build and it was a bit big on him, though it still looked good.

A close-up of the fabric of the jacket, as well as the closure system.  This is the sleeve cuff, however these closures are what is used all down the front of the jacket as well.

Skirt is a heavier brocade with a front box-type pleat near from about the knee down.  Easy to dance in.  Has jeans style four-pocket design with belt loops and zipper fly.  Listed as Size 30 waist.

The two items are not part of the same line, but they look great together as an outfit.

Let the bidding begin!!

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